Welcome to the Demolition and Adaptation Database
This database is managed by the Learning Buildings Research Group (LBRG) in the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering at Clemson University. It is created as a resource for scholars and professionals studying adaptation and demolition of buildings.

Data providers are asked to enter technical details of building projects and their contact information. Contact information will not be shared outside of the LBRG. Other information provided to the database will be shared within the research community and reported in aggregate form in technical publications and presentations.

Data entry for a project takes approximately one hour; however, you may save progress and return to complete entry at a later time. Some of the questions require information from building plans. In particular, a scalable set of plans showing the building prior to adaptation/demolition is required.

The database is created through a research project sponsored by the United States National Science Foundation under grant CMMI #1553565.

Thanks for helping us in this important endeavor!

LBRG contact information:
Brandon Ross, PE, PhD (bross2@clemson.edu)
Zoraya Rockow, PMP (zrockow@clemson.edu)

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